This is my 2H Method – Holistic Health: an unique way of approaching each individual case based on my passion, knowledge and ideals

The 2H method is based on two fundamental pillars for me and I have developed it with the purpose of solving your pet’s health problems.

To accomplished this I have acquired a series of skills throughout these years that allow me to achieve our goal effectively and with a holistic vision.

It is my way of dealing with your pet’s problem, understanding that it is a living being with physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Therefore, I observe what is altered in your furry friend, how it can be affected by the environment and all that provides me with subtle but important information.

With my knowledge in alternative therapies in addition to my sensitivity and empathy, I suggest the most appropriate treatment for each case, using the best option and providing a holistic vision.

Last but not least, you are a fundamental part of the method, since you will be the link between me and your pet. The one who will be by his side, who will take care of him, and who will share my point of view.


With the 2H method I provide a more humane, sensitive, personal, and close way to care for your animal, in addition to offering care based on my experience and knowledge as a professional where you will be a fundamental part of the change you are looking for .



Complete treatment: physical, emotional and spiritual


I listen carefully to everything you recognize in your pet.


I am consistent with my view of life.


I recommend the best combination in each case.


Along with knowledge, sensitivity is also important.


I work with different types of natural therapies.


You are an essential element for the success of the treatment.


I take care of your animals as if they were mine.



I compile all the animal’s past history and also prior to the problem.


I collect all the information from the animal’s environment.


I study all the details to understand what is happening.


For your animal and for what I do, because it helps me to understand and decide what it needs.


I use the most appropriate therapies to each case.


This is our purpose, what we are looking for, the goal that we will reach together.