The information and advice provided by Marta Calvo is made in good faith and is derived from her knowledge and experience during her years of natural remedies study and as a qualified vet in Spain, but it is not intending to substitute any medical advice or instruction by any veterinary practice in Australia.

This consultation is due to your interest in using a different approach based on a more natural way to help your animals with their issues, for some advice in natural preventative remedies or a second opinion in regards the health and wellbeing. There are many therapies that can help you with these and I will let you know how to use them.

You should have your own veterinary service for conventional medicines, surgery, x-rays, blood tests. Since this is not an after-hours or emergency service, you should always seek appropriate and urgent advice from your local or regular vet.

Marta Calvo Blanco makes no representation or warranty either express or implied of any kind in respecting the products or services used and sold. Customers take full and total responsibility for any resulting outcomes; therefore, Marta Calvo Blanco will not be liable in any way for any special, indirect, consequential or punitive damages related to her products or services.

Marta Calvo Blanco keeps records of all the patients that undergo a consultation and these records are kept confidential. Marta Calvo Blanco respects all patient confidentiality and refrains from any personal judgement.