Marta has been using Accupuncture since she was in Spain a few years ago. Back then she was ACUVETASTUR, Veterinary Acupuncture in Asturias.

One of my first cases was Sasha, a white poodle. This little one was 12 years old and could barely walk when she came up to me back in 2010. The owners had been recommended to put her to sleep because of that issue. She had spondylosis at L4-L5, with vertebral displacement, herniated disc at L6-L7 and hip osteoarthritis.

After a thorough examination and assessment (x-rays included) I performed the first acupuncture session, and the results were incredible!!! She started walking much more happier, with no pain, even trying to run and jump…

It took just a couple more sessions to see her walking and running perfectly. She was sooo happy and so were we!

Best of all was that we had the pleasure of enjoying her company for a few more years!!!

I love helping dogs with acupuncture, because I know how far they can go with a little bit of help. But it is true that is not the only way, we can do so many things to make them feel better and have the quality of live that they deserve…