My 18-month-old Staffy cross was diagnosed with epilepsy … after our first consult and after an acupuncture session, we had a solid treatment plan and a complete and controlled diet with natural supplements. The results were fantastic !!! The seizures were reduced in time, Walter recovered his normal state noticeably faster and the frequency was also decreased … 

I have lost count of the number of times I called or texted Marta with questions, she is always vigilant!

The most important thing is that she treated my fur baby like one of her own, with a real personal and caring touch … just another example of Marta’s caring and loving nature!

I would highly recommend Marta to anyone who is looking for alternative and holistic options to take care of their fur babies …

Ashleigh McHugh

I know Dr. Marta Calvo from the Animal Wellness Veterinary Clinic (Brisbane) where we worked together… She is passionate about her work and is very patient to listen… .

I was present when on one occasion an owner brought a dog almost paralyzed in her arms, since the dog could not walk at all, and after Dr. Marta’s first acupuncture session, the dog staggered out of the room but walking by himself

Her kindness and passion for helping animals will make you feel comfortable in fully expressing your concerns about your pet’s health. You will feel that you are with the right professional who will understand, from the perspective of veterinary medicine and holistic practice, all aspects of the problem your pet is facing.

I highly recommend this passionate professiona to all animal owners who want the best treatment for their pets.

Dr. Malina Fielder, BVSc

Veterinary and Animal Nutritionist, https://www.petdiets.expert/

Marta’s acupuncture skills are incredible. I witnessed the effect it had on my “fos-piece” dog Prince Harry.He was a severely crippled camp dog who we adopted for the last few months of his live.

Following his regular sessions, he would be more balanced in his movements and rock along so much quicker and lighter than usual. When the sessions became further apart due to Marta’s move to QLD, I would see the steady decline in his movement and pain return until she came back.

And oh how he loved her!

I am so pleased he had the privilege of Marta loving him and working her magic with him in his final months.


Hannah Bohlin, Darwin NT

Marta has had a huge impact on our 8 year old dog quality of life. Born with hip dysplasia in both hips, Sasha has struggled with pain, discomfort and poor muscle mass on her back legs all her life. Since meeting Marta a few years ago Sasha’s mobility, quality of life and general health has improved significantly.

Marta takes a holistic approach and looks at all aspects of the animal rather than just focusing on symptoms. Marta has used various techniques to treat Sasha and has empowered me to help her myself by suggesting things I can do to help manage Sasha’s condition in between treatments. We found Marta just when we needed her most and I truly don’t know where Sasha would be without her.

We have always found Marta to be caring, reliable, genuine, knowledgable and affordable. It is clear that Marta’s only concern is the animals well-being. She even helped (at no cost) with health issues in dogs I had been fostering at times.

Marta is an angel in disguise and I would recommend her to anyone who wants the best for their furry family members.

Sally Muscat, Darwin NT

Marta is very caring and professional, and takes her time with explanations and options. Bella has received acupuncture & holistic therapies from Marta.

I discovered late last year that Bella, my 8.5 year old maltese X shitzu, got coccidia and clostridium possibly from eating a dead chicken. It took me best part of a year to figure out what was wrong with her. Marta was amazing and provided me with treatment plan and careful instructions on how to help Bella.

I’m so grateful for the skills, love and exceptional care from Marta towards my Bella

Trish Finucane

Marta is incredibly dedicated to her work, it is evident that her passion is for the best interest of the animals she treats.

She provided us a high quality and practical treatment program and followed up with us closely following the consult.

I would recommend Marta to anyone who is doubting their pets current treatment program upon the advice of commercial vets.

Lori Roberts

Marta is a very caring, knowledgeable professional who has sorted a long standing bloating problem with my staffy girl and has sorted a potential problem with my staffy boy (13 year old) who does not have a spleen and has an auto immune disease.

After a single week on Marta’s prescribed treatment, my fur babies are happier and healthier than they have been in a long time.

I would recommend Marta in a heart beat. I know my fur babies would if they could talk!

Caroline Rushton